Bob Pierce

"Bob practiced a simple rule 'take care of the customer and you will be taken care of'."

Warren Tkachuk, President / CEO

Achieve IP, Inc.

Recent Projects

  • 11km High Bandwidth Wireless Backhaul

    Installed an 11km wireless backhaul link for one of my clients. We used the recently released Mimosa B5 radios which are very nice to work with. Now the client is enjoying a very reliable, high bandwidth, low latency connection between their 2 sites.

  • Asessippi Self Serve Ticket Kiosk

    Developed a self serve ticket kiosk for Asessippi Ski Area & Resort using the Star Micronics AsuraCPRNT. Now customers can walk up to the kiosk at Asessippi and purchase their own lift tickets or tubing tickets using credit card payment. Soon they will also be able to purchase equipment rental vouchers. We expect the kiosks will eventually be available at off-site locations such as the Russell Inn.

  • ISP Network Redesign

    Redesigned the distribution network for Wireless Internet Service Provider - RioNet. We transformed their network from a switched network to a routed network using MikroTik hardware with OSPF routing. This resulted in a much more efficient network which is also easier to maintain. As part of the change, each Internet customer now has their own Public IP address.


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